A dedicated TYPO3 & Contao Agency

We are a dedicated team of TYPO3 and Contao experts working as outsourcing partners to some of the biggest Web Agencies of Europe. We have a 100% deliverable record in terms of project completion, quality and meeting deadlines.

We have a specialized team to cater to any enterprise level requirements which you might have. Delivering robust solutions based on latest technologies with a very user friendly interface is our primary goal.

We provide a one roof solution for websites or any other web related requirements which you might have. We aspire to provide you the best technical solution at the most affordable prices and on time.

Your website or web application is causing you problems? Having problems with your developer or technical solution provider? Just hand over the responsibility to us and we will take care of the rest.

Some of us are known within the TYPO3 and Contao community for our consultation and assistance over the newsgroups and forums.

A dedicated TYPO3 & Contao Agency

We are a dedicated team of TYPO3 and Contao experts working as outsourcing partners to some of the biggest Web Agencies of Europe. We have a 100% deliverable record in terms of project completion, quality and meeting deadlines.

We have a specialized team to cater to any enterprise level requirements which you might have. Delivering robust solutions based on latest technologies with a very user friendly interface is our primary goal.

We provide a one roof solution for websites or any other web related requirements which you might have. We aspire to provide you the best technical solution at the most affordable prices and on time.

Your website or web application is causing you problems? Having problems with your developer or technical solution provider? Just hand over the responsibility to us and we will take care of the rest.

Some of us are known within the TYPO3 and Contao community for our consultation and assistance over the newsgroups and forums.


About Us

Vrisini Infotech - About Us

Every enterprise starts off with the vision of an individual or a small group. As more people join in, visions are broadened, new dreams come up, ideas are construed around these visions and dreams to make them a success. Our journey was also similar.

What started off as an initiative by a group of two open source enthusiasts several years back as a part of their ambition to learn a new and challenging technology, has now evolved into a full time responsibility of serving our clients and partners with a multitude of technical solutions.

Our quest to learn a new open source technology lead us to associate our dreams and desires to TYPO3. It was extremely difficult in the initial days as TYPO3 was still in it's nascent form. There were no good books or reference materials available. Most of the forum posts and blogs which we could refer to were in German, a language which we did not understand. The “Extension Manager” was unheard of and extensions had to be structured by hand.

Our first encounter with TypoScript was also very exciting. Until then, we only knew “wraps” to be some material (usually paper or cloth) used for packing items. It was now that we learned that even links and tags could be wrapped!

As time went by, we kept on learning more and more, while building up our network of happy and satisfied clients at the same time. Learning was steep. But, we were always on time with the deliverables towards our clients. We worked ceaselessly for hours without tiring, as we enjoyed every bit of the work and the knowledge that came along.

TYPO3 has been evolving steadily throughout all this time, thanks to the tireless and dedicated efforts of the members of the core team. Back in those old days, we had only TYPO3 version 3.x. Today, we have TYPO3 version 4.x stream which is soon to be outdated, TYPO3 version 6.x which has deprecated most of the core along with some other major changes, TYPO3 Neos based upon a completely new concept and finally, Flow3 based upon it's own framework. Adapting to all these new technological challenges and delivering quality results to our clients and partners has further outlined our expertise over TYPO3.

After walking so far ahead in our journey since the beginning, we love and cherish every moment we have spent in our quest of mastering one of the finest softwares in the world. We know, our journey has just begun because TYPO3 is here to stay and rule and we along with our team are prepared to embark on a long voyage ahead.

As time went by and our circle grew, we had more and more like minded people with similar experiences coming aboard. Thus, our domains expanded from a limited number of technologies and solutions that we could offer to a far broader horizon. We now have experts with over 30 years of experience in the creative designing team and experts with over 14 years of experience with PHP based application development. Our Project Managers have mastered the art of maintaining excellent client relationships through their years of experience of handling some of the most challenging projects, which normally most people only dream of encountering once in a lifetime.

Come, join our elite group of experts who are always willing to help you out through their best efforts.


Vrisini Infotech - Services

Services are the most integral part of any business house. We, at Vrisini Infotech take great pride in announcing 100% success record in terms of services with all our clients.
We believe in the Philosophy that all clients are equal and keeping them happy through our best services is our primary goal at all time. When you avail our services, you actually receive our commitment and dedication to ensure that the services we provide to you are to the best of your satisfaction.

We provide the following services to our clients and partners:

  • Tell us about your ideas and requirements, we can develop a reliable solution fully customized to your needs and with the best technology available.
  • Give us a PSD or any other image layout and we can convert it into a website for you based upon your layout and with any of the technologies we offer.
  • If you have an existing Typo3, Contao, Magento, Wordpress or PHP website and you need to extend it with some additional functionality, we can do it for you at the most reasonable price.
  • If you have an existing Typo3, Contao, Magento, Wordpress or PHP website and you need some configurations, let us help you with the required configurations.
  • If you have an existing Typo3, Contao, Magento or Wordpress website with old and obsolete extensions, plugins or widgets which are causing compatibility issues with the latest versions of the system and preventing you from upgrading your system, we can upgrade these extensions, plugins or widgets for you.
  • If you have an existing Typo3, Contao, Magento or Wordpress website and need support and maintenance, we are here to look after your website and all of your requirements.
  • If you need to develop a graphical concept, brochure, logo, letterhead or any other print media item, you can always rely on our experts to do the job with perfection for you.

Please check our list of services from the subsequent menu under the list of services.

Contact us now. We assure you that you will never ever get an opportunity to complain.

You can also hire us through PPH

Our Process

We have a very streamlined approach to ensure that every project we undertake is 100% successful
"Where technology and innovation meet excellence"

Requirement gathering

Requirement gathering

Project planning


Project design


Project develop


Project testing


Project delivery

Delivery & Launch

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions - Vrisini Infotech

A successful business in today’s world relies heavily upon some application which acts as the backbone of the business.

We at Vrisini Infotech understand the needs of our clients and provide them with solutions which not only help them in every required process, but we also take responsibility to ensure that our software runs smoothly and efficiently at all times. While we take charge of ensuring security that their systems will never shut down or be reasons of any botheration, our clients can focus upon building up their business.

Leave your business in our safe hands.

We have a specialized team to cater to any enterprise level requirements which you might have. Delivering robust web-based online solutions developed around latest technologies with a user friendly interface is our primary goal.

Just let us handle your office automation and leave all tensions and hassles behind. You and your team are assured of a hassle free service while we take care of all the background maintenance, up-gradation and tweaks in order to ensure that work at your end never suffers even for a moment.

Grow your business with us. You focus on your work while we take care of the rest.

Once you have contacted us for your requirements, the process usually goes as follows:

  1. Someone from our sales team will contact you in order to know your initial requirements. Thereafter, the requirements will be forwarded to our analysis team for a preliminary time estimation. Once we have roughly worked out some numbers, they will be forwarded to you for approval as a formal “proposal”.
  2. After the numbers have been worked out, you will receive an invoice for 50% of the decided amount which you will need to pay as advance.
  3. After the payment is received, you will receive the “order confirmation”. This marks the beginning of the development process.
  4. Next, our analyst will contact you for your detailed requirements. They will interact with all concerned people in order to find out about your institutions working model and how each member feels more comfortable doing his / her work. Once all requirements have been collected, a formal “Requirement Sheet” will be drafted and sent to you for approval.
  5. Once the requirement sheet has been finalized, it will be handed over to the development team. At this stage, you will be formally introduced to the Project Manager at our end. This person will be your primary point of contact regarding the project from this point onward. The Project Manager is responsible for providing you regular updates and for answering any concerns which you might have.
  6. The application would be uploaded to your pre-decided location. After you have expressed your satisfaction with the deliverable, we will send you the final invoice.

Contact us now. We assure you that you will never ever get an opportunity to complain.

Website Services

Web Development

The face of a business or an institution is their website in today’s world. If you can present yourself well, you will certainly attract attention.

We at Vrisini Infotech realize the importance of creating the first impression. Hence, we bring to you an array of solutions to choose from, based upon what suits your purpose and vision behind the website or portal. Just like there are specific medicines for specific ailments, similarly there are different solutions to different requirements. You can either choose from our areas of expertise below or allow us to help you in reaching to a decision.

Web Development - Vrisini Infotech
Contao - Lightweight CMS

Contao is a lightweight Content Management System (CMS). Previously known as “Typolight” although it has no lineage to TYPO3, it has become extremely popular due to its ease of use and simplistic Editorial section. If you need an informative website where you want to be in full control of your website with dynamic database driven lists, tables and other content elements, this is the most advisable solution for you.

We at Vrisini Infotech have experts with over 3 years of experience implementing successful Contao websites.

Our competencies:

  • Template implementation and customizing UI.
  • Integrating and customizing extensions from the repository
  • Custom Contao Extension Development for enhancing the basic functionalities
PHP & MySQL development

PHP is an Object Oriented Programming Language (OOPS) and has gained tremendous popularity over the years. Currently, it is estimated that about 72 percentage of the websites around the world are based on either PHP or one of its improvisations. MySQL is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and over the years, it has proven to be highly capable of seamlessly sustaining huge amounts of data for an incorporation of any magnitude. Both PHP and MySQL are Open Source Systems.

We at Vrisini Infotech have experts with over 15 years of experience working with PHP and MySQL based websites and applications of any size and complexity.

Our competency:

  • Development based on OOPS concepts and modular structure instead of linear code.
  • Business Logic and UI separate from each other through templates.
  • Highly robust solutions which can be extended easily in the future.

Web Designing

Web Designing - Vrisini Infotech

Marketing and communication on a website identify what works for its target market. This can be an age group or particular strand of culture; thus we understand the trends of its audience.

We always keep in mind and understand the type of website we are designing. We always try to keep our designs as unique, sober, soothing to the eyes and highly adhering to the best of the standards in its own category and target visitor.

Core Competencies

Website Layout
Web Layout

HTML is one of the core technologies for building Web pages. HTML is used to building a tree of content. HTML defines several types of content..HTML constitutes the state of the art in major browser implementations like Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome), Mozilla (Firefox), Opera (Opera), Microsoft (Internet Explorer). HTML is one of the basis of building Web pages and Web Applications.

Css is also one of the core technologies for building Web pages. Inheritance is the major feature in CSS, it relies on the ancestor-descendant relationship to operate. CSS also provides methods for controlling how documents will be presented in media other than the traditional browser on a screen, such as in print and on handheld devices. It also has rules for specifying the non-visual presentation of documents, such as how they will sound when read by a screen reader.

Responsive website
Responsive UI

The world is now in our hands. Hardly anyone can be exempted who is not using a mobile phone, tab, laptop or desktop for browsing the internet. Every display device has its own resolution setup. We regularly encounter websites which are working fine in laptop / desktop. But, when we access them with our phone or tab, the website is unusable because it is a fixed layout website. In today’s life we are accessing web sites from every gadgets. We are offering for crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience easy reading and navigation with a minimum of re-sizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices.

Website for Hand Held Devices
Hand Held Devices

Gadgets changed our way of life. In our life we have gadgets for our every needs. Keep it in mind we are offering a customizing solution to present your business web pages to the world. We listen to the world’s expectations, based on that we offer services. We design websites based on JQuery mobile, which look and work perfectly on all hand held devices like mobile phones, i-phones, tabs, etc.

We have a specialized and dedicated team working with responsive designing and we are making sure that our web page is working at its highest level.

Web Application Maintenance

Every brand new idea of today will become old tomorrow. Every project developed on the latest platforms and technologies today, will become outdated and obsolete after a few months or years. Does that mean, we have to discard our systems every few months or years and start all over again?

Change is the basic nature of time and technology. As time passes by; users, circumstances and technological advancements will demand improvisations within the existing system. An individual will get new and improved ideas for making the system more user friendly and usable.

If you have an existing application or website based on TYPO3 or Contao; just hand over the responsibility of maintaining it and keeping it updated to us.

Web Application Maintenance

Do you have a TYPO3 or Contao application or website? You will certainly be in need of some maintenance services. Hand over the responsibility of maintaining your sophisticated application or website to us at the most competitive and affordable prices. We assure you of the best possible and a completely tension free experience.

Why do you need maintenance?

The answer is actually simple. You need maintenance services for the following reasons: 

  • TYPO3, Contao and Magento are supported by a very strong and active community. It is a sincere effort of the community to keep the software in the best possible shape and fully up-to-date with the demands of the time. Several minor and sometimes major version releases of these wonderful frameworks are available throughout the year. Some of these updates are a must from the security and functional aspects of your application or website. Thus, you need someone who will take the responsibility and ensure that the updates and patches are implemented upon your application and website and they are always at an optimal state.
  • As people constantly use your application or website, it has been observed that the database experiences an overhead. This overhead in turn slows down the system. I am sure, you will be able to recall websites which used to run faster in comparison to present times, where you do not feel like visiting anymore because they are too slow. Do you want your visitors to feel the same towards your applications or websites. If not, you need someone to ensure that the database is regularly optimized. Not only does this keep your application or website running smoothly, it also keeps the database healthy.
  • If your are suddenly informed of a failure or error within your application or website, the longer it takes to fix, the more losses can add up at your end. Would you not like the situation to be handled and resolved at the earliest? Or, are you someone who starts planting trees just before the party is about to begin?
  • It is human nature that over a period of time, we get bored watching the same colors and layout. What once used to make our eyes glitter with feelings of accomplishment starts looking dull over a period of time. You need someone with whom you can share your ideas of constant re-modelling and improvisation. Someone, who would always keep the look and feel of your application or website fresh and never let it get dull.

Why choose us?

Handing over the maintenance of your application or website is like "taking insurance". When it comes to exactly that, there is no one, who can provide you with an assurance of the insurance better than us. We have experts lined up with us, who have handled projects starting from simple websites to highly complex and sophisticated web-based applications. They have years of experience doing exactly what you require and none can excel their capabilities in this context.

Graphics & Print Media

Vrisini Infotech - Graphics Designing

It is two words with a huge impact. A good design represents business identity, uniqueness, growth and most importantly, its communication with the masses. Graphics design is the art of communication, stylizing, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, and image. It includes your products, their sale and the response it generated from society and the target audience.

We make decisions regarding everything you see on a visual representation like graphics, type, colors, layout, etc. In the print world, graphic designers play an important role in the success of the final product. Working as a graphic designer it’s our job to make sure that every penny what you are investing it should be profitable.

Core Competencies

Logo design

In our life, every sign carries its own identity. To the masses, a logo serve as an instant reminder of a company or a product. For a company, their logo is the point of recognition on which their branding hangs. The visual identity is presented by its shape, color, text, space. Once a logo is established, soon it will become the representative of your product or your company.

Some members of our team are working in this field for years and we know how to solve your purpose and how to create an identity of your company or your product(s). Through the LOGO, we create a Brand. Our main goal is to present your brand or your company in a unique light which easily distinguishes itself from its competing brands.

Print Media
Print Media

Print is one of the powerful medium for visual communications. In our life print media is everywhere from our daily household to the top corporate houses. Print medium is standing in a certain point where its ability of communications are unchallengeable and irrepressible.

Give us the honor to present your business through one of the best communication medium in the world.

Business Concept Development
Business Concept

A Business Concept represents your massage to society, individual or the world. It is a set of activities to make core impact for facing the challenges, develop sense to meet the best needs.

We listen and understand problems, we analyze them and only then we reach for the best solution. Some members of our team specialize in this field for more than 30 years. We are a team where old and new are sitting together in order to achieve and deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.

On Demand Services

We are listening to you

Every competent team which thrives to ensure that their clients are always happy with their products and services, usually has the ability to walk an extra mile for their clients.

We are always willing to take that extra step and provide technical assistance and consultation to our clients for their requirements, no matter how much diverse they might be.

If you have a new idea or a dream project which you need to entrust upon the best possible technical minds, we are the people you are looking for...

Vrisini Infotech - On Demand Services and limitless possibilities

You have a brief overview of what you want to achieve for your business. Share with us your vision and let us outline to you the various possible viable options and opportunities which you have and can build upon. We will patiently take all your inputs and then proceed with the planning on your behalf.

You have a Linux server which is becoming a matter of concern for you. Let us help you by taking over the entire responsibility of the server. We have skilled people who have been doing server administration for years and are fully competent and updated with the latest security features and measures which need to be in place to ensure that your data is secured from any threat.

Not satisfied with your existing office software anymore. Tell us about your requirements, we will do the research upon your requirements and submit to you our proposal for the implementation of a new web-based application which fulfills all your office requirements. We will interact with your department heads and staff to find out about their requirements. We will sketch up the perfect solution for you. Once the proposal is finalized, our expert team will start working upon it and ensure that you and everyone within your organization have a wonderful experience with the new application.

We have experienced people working on multiple solutions. If you are unsure as to which is the best solution for you, allow us to help you in reaching a conclusion. We will maintain absolute transparency in outlining to you the various pros-and-cons of the solutions which we recommend. You should not have any doubts before you say "yes" to any solution.

In other words, bring to us anything that tickles the brain and we will certainly be excited to entertain your cause.

Our Products

Vrisini Infotech - Our Products

Web based products (Enterprise Level) developed on latest technologies by a team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals, ensure that your business can run smoothly and without any hassles for years.

It is our responsibility to ensure that the product is updated and upgraded regularly to stay at par with market standards and challenges.

Avail our products and leave all technical worries to us. Your confidential business data is highly secured and only accessible to you.

Our products are backed up by 24 X 7 Customer Support and a fully competent technical team, ready to resolve any problems at the earliest turn around time.

Facts about data

Reasons for Data Loss

It is a fact that all software installed on some machine has either faced data loss or will face data loss in the future. Data loss can be accounted to various reasons. According to statistics, the factors responsible for data loss are as follows:

  1. Hardware Failure [56%]: The most common reason for data loss is hardware failure. If you have a software installed on a standalone computer with a single hard disk and no backup provision or strategy, the disk may crash any-day and the data loss may be permanent and unrecoverable.
  2. Human Errors & Viruses [30%]: What if someone deletes your data by mistake and unknowingly. There are some viruses which are devised to sabotage data.
  3. Software Corruption [9%]: The software package maintaining the data might become corrupted and the data might become jumbled up or unrecoverable.
  4. Sabotage or malicious intent [5%]: Do not tell me that you have never heard of instances where a disgruntled employee has just pressed a switch resulting into permanent and irreversible losses before quitting or being kicked out. Certainly there are legal implications to such acts. But, nothing can bring back the data in most of these cases.

Data loss is a major concern and a grave risk for any institution who do not have a proper data backup strategy. Even if they have one, most of these backup policies are expensive, time consuming, requires technical skills and we can certainly not forget human errors.

Our Assurance

Vrisini Infotech thrives and aspires to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with our products and services. Our commitment is to ensure that the business of our client runs smoothly and without any technical disruption or hassle.

All our products come along with the following assurances:

  • Data Protection: Our servers have level 10 RAID implemented. This ensures that data is constantly mirrored over multiple disks as and when it is manipulated. If one hard disk (storage medium) crashes, another one immediately takes up its place and work goes on unhampered.
  • Data Backup: A backup up of all our server data is taken on a daily basis. So, if all else fails; you can lose at the most records between the last backup and the time of the crash. This can maximum be a duration of a few hours.
  • Non-disclosure: We provide a non-disclosure document to each of our clients after they have placed the order confirmation. This guarantees that your data will not be disclosed to anyone under no circumstances.
  • Uptime guarantee: Our products are hosted on extremely powerful servers equipped with the latest hardware and fastest of fiber-active based internet connections. This ensures an uptime of 99.99% for all our servers and client applications.
  • Regular updates: We aspire to provide our customers with the best product and services. Hence, we highly acknowledge and appreciate their inputs and feedback. Based upon their suggestions and our research, we constantly upgrade our products. These upgrades are implemented on our client instances without any additional cost. This helps in keeping the system up-to-date and running smoothly.
Assurance = Vrisini Infotech

Enterprise Hospital Management System

Vrisini Infotech - Enterprise Hospital Management System

An Enterprise Hospital Management System which literally covers all aspects of a hospital, nursing home or any medical facility. When you order any of our products, it is just the starting point of our business relationship. Like a business should be, we are extremely zealous about excelling with our products and this is not possible without the feedback from our clients. If you realize that something is missing or there is a way in which something can be done better, please share your thoughts, concerns and suggestions with us. We will definitely improvise accordingly and instead of charging you anything extra, we will actually bestow our gratitude towards you for taking our product one more step forward towards perfection.

If you are still not sure about whether to go for an online business solution or an in-house business solution, let us help you in reaching a conclusion. Please check the differences and more details.

Get your own website in one hour

Get your own website in one hour.
Powered by Contao CMS.

Our Showcase

A few of our recent work. Please feel free to ask for more if required.
We have plenty of them...


B2C Portal

TYPO3 with dynamic filters
Travel Website

Travel Portal

TYPO3 with graphical booking
ERP System

ERP System

A complete ERP built on TYPO3
EHMS System

EHMS System

An EHMS built on TYPO3
Contao website

A normal website

Built on Contao with nice features
Contao website

A normal website

Built on Contao with nice features
TYPO3 website

A normal website

Built on TYPO3 with nice features
TYPO3 website

A spiritual website

Built on TYPO3 with a mission

What our clients have to say about us

Every happy client and a successful project is always a feather in the hat of any institution. But, it goes beyond when clients take the extra step of sharing their wonderful words of appreciation.

Every feedback counts...

  • 11.11.2014 Niels P [Berlin]
    Absolutely brilliant job !
  • 24.11.2014 Jimmy H. [Hannover]
    Good work, quick, clean, accurate. That's why I love working with this team.
  • 18.09.2014 Jimmy H. [Hannover]
    Very good implementation. Better than expected. Great work.
  • 15.09.2014 Jimmy H. [Hannover]
    Very professional, brilliant to work with this team. Certainly knows what they are doing.
  • 24.09.2014 Jimmy H. [Hannover]
    Good Job, very fast, very good communication. Thanks to the Team
  • 11.09.2014 Jimmy H. [Hannover]
    Nice Job, quick and accurate. We love to work with VRISINI Team.
  • 29.07.2014 Oliver G. [Bamberg]
    Like always, the TYPO3 Agency and Consulting Company did a quick and perfect Job, also the documentation was absolutely perfect.
  • 14.07.2014 Oliver G. [Bamberg]
    Very accurate and assiduous work. Fixed all probs in fast time and the communication was also very professional. Thanks a lot!
  • 25.06.2014 Oliver G. [Bamberg]
    Perfect work. Plenty of work is on its way.
  • 24.06.2014 Christian H. [Vienna]
    Again nice work and contact 100% success
  • 28.05.2014 Christian H. [Vienna]
    The work with this company is very good. I had to start making difficulties clearly what I wanted, but it was that my requirements were not clearly defined and because my English is not very good. Any problem could be solved thanks to a very good contact with the developers. At the beginning it was a daily online meeting of about 30 minutes very helpful in all occurring ask could be solved very quickly and fully satisfactory. My next job will not be long in coming.
  • 19.02.2014 Dr. Prof. Ruma Chatterjee [India]
    The team of Vrisini Infotech did an excellent job on our website. We had a static website before we encountered these guys. We were having serious problems with our previous developer and we needed some modifications to our website prior to a very important presentation. While searching for a replacement, Vrisini Infotech was highly recommended to us by one of our partners. Not only did they do an excellent job technically, they also saved our institution from humiliation by completing the job on time. Thanks to them, we now have a TYPO3 website instead of a static website and we can freely manage the contents of our website now. Professionalism, expertise and knowledge are some of the words which can be easily associated to this team. I would highly recommend them to anyone for any project. Dr. Prof. Ruma Chatterjee SVH Project Deafblind http://www.svhdeafblind.org
Vrisini Infotech - References

Build your career with us

Vrisini Infotech - Careers

Do you have it in you, what it takes to outshine and excel beyond your own imaginations? Do you really see yourself as a team player who can share and be a part of a vision? Becoming a part of our team certainly ensures that you will need to regularly challenge your own limitations and capabilities. We will certainly be there to help you if you are committed to the endeavor of helping yourself.

We have very stringent rules related to office timings and work culture. No one is allowed to work beyond the office hours. We believe that a fresh mind is much more constructive than a tired one and all of us are humans and not some machines. So, we never ask anyone to work extra hours, unless there are extreme circumstances. But, these are rare instances and we believe in keeping them to exactly that "rare".

Our team is our asset. Hence, we try to provide them with the very best of working environment, culture and facilities.

Current Openings

PHP Developers

  • 6 months+ working experience with live projects
  • Good hold over data structures and OOPS
  • Ability to read and understand English requirements
  • Ability to do their own research
  • Ability to find their way out of technical challenges
  • Ability to work in a team and take charge whenever required
  • Good English communication

Salary no bar for eligible candidates.

Web Designers

  • 6 months+ working experience with live projects
  • Good hold on HTML5, CSS3 and design concepts
  • Ability to read and understand English requirements
  • Ability to do their own research
  • Ability to find their way out of technical challenges
  • Ability to work in a team and take charge whenever required
  • Good English communication

Salary no bar for eligible candidates.

Project Managers

  • 5 years+ working experience with live projects
  • Ability to draft SRS and other project documents
  • Ability to manage a team of 12+ people
  • Ability to fluently communicate with clients
  • Ability to take charge and get things done at the highest level
  • Good English communication

Salary no bar for eligible candidates.

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