Registered company headquarters

Vrisini Infotech L.L.P.

1/B Mayur Abasan
17 Station Road, Nabagram

Hooghly,  West Bengal 712246




E-Mail : info(at)

Registration Number : Roc-kolkata / AAF-2616


Managing Partner of
Vrisini Infotech LLP

Anjana Chatterjee

CIN / DIN: 07251143

Additional partners of Vrisini Infotech LLP :
Payel Chatterjee

CIN / DIN: 07251126

Responsible for the content:

Anupam Chatterjee (CEO)

E-Mail: anupam (at)

Mobile number: +91 9088997097

Development Office

Vrisini Infotech L.L.P.

46, Rai Mohan Bannerjee Road
Opposite ISI, BonHooghly,

Kolkata, West Bengal -700108



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