CONTAO - Content Management System

Contao (formerly TYPOlight) is a free content management system (CMS) for medium to large websites. The program specializes in back-office (i.e. for developers) and front-office (i.e. for users) accessibility and observes XHTML, HTML5, and CSS standards, according to W3C/WAI guidelines, to generate pages. The program is an open-source project, published in its original form in 2006 by Leo Feyer.

Advantages of CONTAO :
  • At first, Contao seems like a "secondary CMS". However, if you look closely, you realize that popularity is relatively high. Here are some reasons.

CMS for technology lovers
  • The usability is definitely not as easy as with Wordpress (WP). The advantage, however, is that many technical changes are possible, which may not be interesting for a beginner WP. WP is generally more for beginners, while CONTAO tends to be more technical.

Safety aspects
  • Safety is a hot topic, especially in German-speaking countries. Even if WordPress strives to really keep up with it or can not do it often.

  • With a CMS originating from Germany one can be however much more sure that these aspects, also in connection with data protection are implemented faster.

Better suited for online editors
  • The reason why Leo Feyer developed Contao is that he saw that there were not certain features that online editors need in WP and other systems like Sophora CMS.

  • In order to close this gap, Contao was developed with regard to the work of online editors.

  • It would, therefore, be correct to say that it is a good solution especially for this group.

  • It takes longer than WP to get used to, but if you can then, Contao is much more extensive and expedient.

From Germany
  • Today, even small businesses are forced to meet high data protection requirements. With systems from the USA one never really knows, whether now with each data transmission, the manufacturer company, or a third-party supplier, listen.

  • With Contao, you can at least be sure that the data is not going anywhere else.

  • Contao is known as a system from Germany and thus receives a leap of faith.