About Us

A group of enthusiastic individuals, team Vrisini Infotech L.L.P. has a heady mix of youthful exuberance and experienced individuals. With educational backgrounds ranging from leading engineering colleges, the team is adept and equipped to handle every challenge. From dedicated designers to programmers, we have the specialized individual to cater to every need of the client every step of the way.


We have a specialized team that takes care of all the business-level requirements you might have. Providing robust solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies with a very user-friendly interface is our ultimate goal. We offer a complete solution for websites or other web-based requirements that you would like to have. We strive to offer you the best technical solution at the best prices and on time.


Vrisini Infotech L.L.P. is well known within the Contao and TYPO3 community for our consultation and assistance over the newsgroups and forums.


Every enterprise starts off with the vision of an individual or a small group. As more people join in, visions are broadened, new dreams come up, ideas are constructed around these visions to make them a success. Our journey was also similar. What started off as an initiative by a group of two open source enthusiasts several years back as a part of their ambition to learn a new and challenging technology, has now evolved into a full time responsibility of serving our clients and partners with a multitude of technical solutions.


Our quest to learn a new open source technology lead us to associate our dreams and desires to TYPO3. It was extremely difficult in the initial days as TYPO3 was still in it's nascent form. There were no good books or reference materials available. Most of the forum posts and blogs which we could refer to were in German, a language which we did not understand. The “Extension Manager” was unheard of and extensions had to be structured by hand.


Our first encounter with TypoScript was also very exciting. Until then, we only knew “wraps” to be some material (usually paper or cloth) used for packing items. It was now that we learned that even links and tags could be wrapped!


As time went by, we kept on learning more and more, while building up our network of happy and satisfied clients at the same time. Learning was steep. But, we were always on time with the deliverables towards our clients. We worked ceaselessly for hours without tiring, as we enjoyed every bit of the work and the knowledge that came along.


TYPO3 has been evolving steadily throughout all this time, thanks to the tireless and dedicated efforts of the members of the core team. Back in those old days, we had only TYPO3 version 3.x. With each approaching day, several new versions were realeased one after the other and today, we have TYPO3 version 9.x stream running as latest update. Adapting to all these new technological challenges and delivering quality results to our clients and partners has further outlined our expertise over TYPO3.